A superior blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, the dual nature of which enables Septi-Clean to accelerate the natural breakdown of organic waste and eliminating foul odours.


Organic waste contains a mixture of complex products which usually have to be degraded to simple compounds before natural assimilation or safe disposal. If time allows, nature can carry out the necessary hydrolysis of such complex materials by action of enzymes derived from micro-organisms present in the sewage.

Due to demands made on modern processing units, however, insufficient time can severely limit the natural breakdown cycle, resulting in excess waste having to be physically removed to a safe disposal area.

Modern cleaning systems and hygiene aids also tend to create adverse conditions, reducing natural flora to such a level that functional hydrolysis is considerably reduced or ceases altogether.

Product Features

  • Minimum spore count of 1 x 108 CFU / ml / gram

  • Bacteria Type: Blend of Bacillus Spores

  • Nutrients: Phosphates & Ammonium Salts

  • Salmonella: Not detected

  • Appearance: Beige powder / Light brown liquid

  • Fragrance: Fresh mint

  • Shelf Life: Two years as per storage instructions

Mode of Action

The enzymes present in Septi – Clean will immediately start to breakdown organic matter. The reaction products, together with salts in Septi – Clean create a perfect medium for the growth of the bacteria present. These organisms will secrete additional enzymes capable of attacking proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Such hydrolysis and the continued application of Septi – Clean will maintain a liquefied waste and reduce offensive odours.

Due to the similarity in composition of many organic wastes and the action of Septi – Clean many different areas of application are suitable.

In this aspect the material can be used for domestic waste, industrial or agricultural effluent problems allied with aiding in the cleaning of heavy soiled buildings etc. The addition rate of Septi – Clean will vary depending on the severity of the problem and some flexibility in

dose rate may be necessary due to local conditions. The uses and doses are vast and varied, for this reason our consultant should be contacted for further information.

Septi – Clean is designed as an aid to the treatment of organic waste material offering the following advantages:

  • Liquefaction and reduction of solids

  • Reduction of odour

  • Easier disposal of waste

  • Maintains natural cycle of reaction

  • Aids general cleaning of effluent systems

Performance Characteristics

Enzyme Production: Lipase, Protease,
Amylase, Cellulase
Bacteria Pathways:Aerobic & Anaerobic
ph Range:5 - 8
Temperature Range:50° - 70°C

Recommended Applications

  • Septic Tanks

  • Pit Toilets

  • Sewage Farms

  • Abattoirs

Storage and Handling

Store in closed containers at 10° – 40°C

Wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water after contact. Avoid eye contact.

Recommended Applications

Septic Tanks
1 – 6 people
4 day start-up treatment100g / 250ml per dayDose through toilet furtherest from the septic tank
Ongoing100g /500ml per month
These need to be assessed by our consultant as we have found each and every one to be different.
A guide line would be 100g per six people per month, dosed either through various toilets or directly into the septic tanks.
Hotel/Lodge (Medium)
Pit Toilets
1 – 6 people
4 day start-up treatment100g / 250ml per dayDose directly into pit toilet
Ongoing100g /500ml per month
Sewage Plants
AreaInitial DoseRegular MaintenanceMethod of Application
Trickling Filters8Kg / 3,8000,000lt4Kg / 3,800,000ltAdd to primary settling tank
Anaerobic Digesters
Retention Ponds
Activated Sludge
4Kg / 38,000ltRepeat for 3 days then Per weekAdd to inflow pipe
AreaInitial DoseRegular MaintenanceMethod of Application
Total effluent2Kg /38,000lt per day,
repeat for 3 days
400g / 38,000lt / dayTreat at outlet drains
Grease Traps100g / 380lt100g / 380ltPour through drain

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