Fat Gobbler is a blend of high performance aerobic and anaerobic micro organisms, which contain nutrients for proper bacterial growth and buffering agents to guard against harmful contaminates entering the system.


In their natural environment, bacteria produce hundreds of enzymes in response to the organic wastes present in their environment. However many different enzymes are required to completely break down a substrate so it is the bacteria with the most rapid production of these key enzymes that provide the most dramatic effects. In grease traps or drain line application, enzymes breakdown the proteins, starches, fats, oils and grease found in those environments and use the components as food sources. Organic wastes are utilized so wastes are not transferred downstream.

Grease is a major problem in grease traps and drain lines. Fats, oils and greases are composed of triglycerides. Many bacteria produce a lipase enzyme to breakdown the triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. The glycerol is easily degraded by many bacteria. However, fatty acids, which typically make up over 90% of the mass of the triglyceride, are difficult to degrade and can persist in a grease trap or drain line, causing clogging, pH drops and foul odours increase.

Fat Gobbler provides an additional benefit by degrading and utilizing the recalcitrant portion of grease molecules, the long-chain fatty acids. When used as part of a daily Maintenance program Fat Gobbler will reduce grease trap pumping, maintain free-flow in drain and reduce malodours.

Mode of Action

The active ingredients in Fat Gobbler reduce the production of odours by inhibiting biological production of odour causing compounds such as hydrogen sulphide and the rancid, foul-odour volatile fatty acids that result from septic or anaerobic environments.

Fat Gobbler degrades long-chain fatty acids that are known to be persistent in the environment causing the majority of maintenance and treatment problems. The partial breakdown of grease causes pH to drop in a grease trap or drain line, creating an environment that is inhibitory to many bacteria.

Product Features

Minimum spore count of 1 x 108 CFU / ml / gram
Bacteria Type:Blend of Bacillus Spores
Salmonella:Not detected
Appearance:Beige Powder
Fragrance:No fragrance added
Shelf Life:Two years as per storage instructions

Performance Characteristics

Enzyme Production: Lipase, Protease,
Amylase, Cellulase
Bacteria Pathways:Aerobic & Anaerobic
ph Range:5 - 8
Temperature Range:50° - 70°C

Storage and Handling

Store in closed containers at 10° – 40°C
Wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water after contact. Avoid eye contact.

Recommended Applications

Grease / Fat Traps

Trap SizeDosing
760lt (0.8m³)100g per day
1,900 – 5,700lt (1.9 – 5.7m³)200g per day
5,700lt< (5.7m³)400g per day

Drain Lines

Domestic 1 – 6 people4 day start-up treatment
50g per dayFor best results, dose at bedtime or when drain will not be used for several hours.
Ongoing50g per week
• Small
• 10 – 30 people per meal
4 day start-up treatment50g per dayFor best results, dose at closing or during quite hours.
Ongoing 50g per week
• Medium
• 30 – 80 people per meal
6 day start-up treatment50g per day
Ongoing 50g per week
• Large
• 80 or more people per meal
8 day start-up treatment100g per day
Ongoing 200g per week

Dosing guidelines are recommendations only. Higher dosing rates may be required depending on the various loads going into the systems. Contact your consultant for technical assistance.

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