Fortek Enviro was established in 1997 with a commitment to assist in the improvement of our environment. To achieve this we associated ourselves with experienced developers and manufacturers of innovative, environmentally responsible, biotechnology products based on the use of natural microbes and enzymes. Our success can be attributed to our association with these world leaders, providing innovative and high quality products and solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Using nature’s own technologies and importantly moving away from harsh chemicals Fortek Enviro strives to introduce biological solutions to improve domestic and industrial performance in sanitation.

Natural recycling maintains a perfect balance, micro-organisms degrade waste organics and turn them into chemical elements. However, contamination often exceeds the rate of natural biological processes and the reintroduction of micro-organisms is necessary. Our products will give you these necessary micro-organisms, enabling you to help improve our environment.

We at Fortek Enviro believe in putting the customers and their requirements first, timely delivery, superior products, technical services and competitive prices. We are dedicated to making a significant contribution to products and services that exceed expectations for value, consistencies, reliability and environmentally safe.